Dear customers, 

On 5th October, Alycandy store has received over 1700 emails at Apparently, you have been confused about this unpleasant situation. Therefore, Alycandy wants to give you a sincere apology for this bad mistake!

After seeking the root cause of this error, we found that because of our upgrading system, it occurs the unexpected results that all the orders from three recent months have been sent the automatic emails.

These emails actually provide you your old tracking numbers. It means that they are derived from your previous orders and the system just resent to you though you have not made any new purchase from Alycandy. 

Therefore, these automatic emails you have received are just resending. We could assure you that we do not charge any additional fees to you. We really hope that you could understand for us and not think we are spamming you or have any criminal intents to you.

We are just an online store where selling household items and provide dear customers with a qualified commodity!

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us via We are here to support you!

Wish you good health.