A unique, comfortable, and cute t-shirt and face mask for you and everyone love cat or kitten. The cat T-shirt and face mask prints for both men and women. The most VIBRANT & FUNNY CAT DESIGNS ARE HERE! We are here to make every day more fun and to stay impressed!

Our high-quality, soft feel ink is designed to prevent cracking even after hundreds of wash cycles. You’ll surely impress everyone with your flashy and hilarious new cat t-shirt.

We would like to show you some typical Meowy patterns from AlyCandy <3


Scrolling your mouse here and you could find curious about the origin of these patterns. Alycandy would like to reveal for you right now!

Honestly, Alycandy has always been pondering about the design of our product, and during the way of finding the fascinating patterns, we did impress by vivid artworks from a talented artist named Marjorie Sarnat.

She aslo has an official websites "" and you could click here to have a chance  of immersing yourself in her creation!

There is a myriad of reasons to explain why this collection has attracted many customers. It could be clarified by her art of using a vibrant palette, or a large number of loyal fans for Cat, or just because of the reputation of this colorist.

Alycandy means Marjorie Sarnat has published "Creative cats coloring books" where art lovers could be allowed to provoke their creative skills by using dreamlike colors. These colors are not be restricted within any frames such as the sky should be pale blues, violets are purple, and other typical pastels used to create a splendid picture. 

Therefore, people coming to this colorist and their horizon about art is broaden, they could mix any colors with colored pencils, markers, gel pens, paint, glitter pens, to name but a few.

 Alycandy thinks that because of her notion about art, people want to convert those pictures they have colored in the book to a tangible item that they can show off to any destinations. Then Alycandy thinks face masks as well as t-shirts is the ideal choice for customers.


With 3D face masks from Alycandy, our dear customers could share with their like-minded friends about their interests or put on face masks or t-shirts is the quickest way to tell anyone that they are the ones who are a cat addiction! 

After all, Alycandy has received a thousand Cat-printed face masks and t-shirts orders and it comes as our surprise that there are two typical patterns regarded as best selling items from April to September 2020. The first one has over 5000 orders and the second has reached nearly 9000 orders <3


Cat lovers and colorists from Alycandy are enchanted with this gallery of fancy felines. This adult 3D face masks, t-shirts with each of the kitties in a whimsical, themed setting surrounded by flowers, paisleys, stars, and more are impressed immensely! Besides, Alycandy would like to attach the link where has the full cat collection for face masks and 3d t-shirt:  

AlyCandy are the ones who full of dedication, and be willing to support all of our dear customers if having received any inquiries!